Quantium™ LFP 12V 200Ah Lithium Iron Battery – LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Q-LFP12200

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Quantium Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery 12.8V 200Ah

Quantium Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) batteries are a safe, high-quality, energy-efficient, lightweight drop-in replacement for traditional Lead Acid, AGM, GEL batteries. They are featuring an integrated quality smart battery management system BMS to ensuring the safe operation and protection of the battery by monitoring and managing the charging and discharging process.

These LiFePo4 batteries are designed to replace lead-acid batteries for Caravans, Motorhomes, Campers, 4×4, Water Craft, Trolling motors and are perfect for storing solar energy.

Many of the cheap lithium’s flooding the market today that use low-quality cells, which results in not only poor performance but worst of all poor safety. Quantium batteries are made with the best materials by reputable manufacture; this shows in the quality of their construction and high continuous power output. 

Quantium LiFePO4 12.8V 200Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries come with a private three-year replacement warranty.



  • High cycle life  5000 @ 50% DOD
  • More economical than AGM / Gel batteries
  • Safest lithium chemistry with high energy
  • In built-in over-charge and over-discharge protection
  • Internal cell balancing
  • Can be connected in series to 51.2V
  • Can be connected in parallel up to 4 batteries
  • Drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries
  • Lightweight
  • 36-month warranty back by local Australian owned and operated business


  • Model:   Q-LFP12200
  • Usage: Deep Cycle
  • Type:   LifePO4
  • Nominal Voltage:   12.8V
  • Capacity (Usable):   200Ah @ O.2C
  • Energy:   2560Wh
  • Cycle Life:   2,000 cycles @ 100% DOD
  • Cycle Life:   5,000 cycles @ 50% DOD
  • Self-Discharge:   >3% Per Month 25ºC
  • Charge Voltage:   14.6V +/- 0.2V
  • Standby / Float Voltage: 13.6V +/- 0.2V
  • Charge Mode:   CC/CV Constant Current/Constant Voltage
  • Continuous Charge:   40.0A
  • Max Charge Current:   100.0A
  • Discharge Current:   40.0A
  • Max Discharge Current:   100.0A
  • Max Pulse Discharge Current:   200S (<3sec)
  • BMS Discharge Cut off Voltage:   10.0V
  • Charge Temp Range:   0 – 45 Deg C
  • Discharge Temp Range:   -20 – 60 Deg C
  • Storage Temp Range:   0 – 45 Deg C
  • IP Protection Level:   IP55
  • Cell & Method:   Cylindrical IFR32700 N60 4S 34P
  • Casing:   ABS
  • CE Cerified
  • UN38.3 Certified
  • RoHS Certified
  • UL Certified
  • ISO 9001 Ceritified
  • ISO 1200 Certified
  • Dimensions LxWxH:   522 x 238 x 220mm (Inc TH)
  • Product Weight:   27.0kgs
  • Terminal:   M8
  • Warranty Private: 36 Months
  • Warranty Commerical: 12 Months

Warranty backed by local Australian owned and operated business

Deep Cycle only, not to be used for cranking or under the bonnet

ModelVoltageAh (C5)Maximum Continuous DrawWeightDimensionsTerminal TypePrivate Warranty
Length (mm)Width (mm)Case Height (mm)Terminal Height (mm)
Q-LFP1212121212A1.61519895101M5 Insert24 Months
Q-LFP1224122424A2.918177167167M5 Insert24 Months
Q-LFP1242124242A5.7197165170170M5 Insert24 Months
Q-LFP1254125454A6.7229138212217M8 Insert24 Months
Q-LFP1210012100100A13.1328172215220M8 Insert36 Months
Q-LFP1215012150100A19.2483170240240M8 Insert36 Months
Q-LFP1220012200100A27.0522238218220M8 Insert36 Months
Q-LFP2454245454A13.1328172215220M8 Insert36 Months
Q-LFP2410024100100A27.0522238218220M8 Insert36 Months
Q-LBS1210012100100A11.3335172215220M8 Insert36 Months
Q-LBS1215012150150A14.2335172215220M8 Insert36 Months
Q-LBS2410024100100A21.9552240223228M8 Insert36 Months
Q-LBS12100S12100100A13.560050270270AP60 Months