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Dependable Deep Cycle Batteries for solar,
camping, marine & more

Maxon Batteries are a proud Australian owned and operated company that specialises in manufacturing high-performance lithium and dry cell deep cycle batteries for specific applications.

Maxon Batteries are distributed nationally through a network of trusted specialised stockists.

Off Grid
Off Grid
4W Drive

Endurance Hybrid Batteries

The Endurance Hybrid technology incorporates AGM separators with the additive of the German-made Envonik Sio2 Gel electrolyte.

The hybrid battery can be discharged higher with increased cycle life over their AGM counterparts.

Ideal for small off-grid, camping, marine and solar applications.

Endurance Hybrid Battery
Maxon Qcell Solar Battery

QCELL Ultimate Carbon Gel Batteries

The QCELL Carbon Gel series design adopts the advanced German-made Envonik Sio2 GEL technology with alloy carbon grid formula.

Thick EV plates & Carbon paste makes them ideal in Mobility and Off-grid solar applications.

Quantium Lithium Iron Battery

Quantium™ Lithium Iron Phosphate

At Maxon Batteries, we believe that the Quantium™ Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology suits Australian conditions because of its vibration-resistant and rugged design.

The lightweight AGM drop-in replacement batteries are suitable for caravan, camping, marine, mobility and all deep cycle application.

AGM Heavy Duty Batteries

The Maxon AGM Heavy Duty batteries are a genuine deep cycle battery designed for frequent discharging while providing high capacity and long cycle life. They can be discharged with a higher current than that of standard AGM batteries. Suitable for all industrial, UPS, solar energy, marine, 4WD, and standby applications.
AGM Heavy Duty Batteries

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