Maxon Endurance Deep Cycle MXEG12-240

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The Maxon® Endurance Hybrid Gel series batteries, with its high purity, heavy thicker full-frame lead plate construction, is a genuine deep cycle battery.
The Endurance Hybrid technology uses incorporates the use of advanced AGM separators with the additive of the German-made Envonik Sio2 Gel electrolyte; this gives them the ability to be discharged higher and deeper with increased cycle life over their AGM counterparts.
The Endurance robust design makes them ideal for any Marine 4WD dual-purpose, off-grid solar or any deep cycle application.



  • Hi-performance deep cycle battery
  • High vibration resistant
  • Fully sealed and maintenance-free operation
  • Safety valve installation for explosion-proof
  • Thick plate design with AGM separators
  • High cycle life
  • Green Energy, Maxon lead-acid batteries are recyclable.
  • Warranty backed by local Australian owned and operated business


  • Caravan, camper vans
  • Marine
  • Trolling Motors
  • 4WD & RV’s
  • Solar & off-grid systems
  • Standby backup systems


  • Brand: Maxon batteries
  • Series: Endurance
  • Model: MXEG12-240
  • Type: AGM Gel Hybrid
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 245Ah (C100)
  • Weight: 64.5Kg
  • Dimensions: L523 x W239 x H215 (mm)
Model Voltage Ah (C100) Ah (C20) Dimensions Terminal Type Weight (Kg)
Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Height TH (mm)
MXEG12-100 12 n/a 100Ah 307 176 211 216 M8 + 30.0
MXEG12-135 12 n/a 135Ah 331 176 215 220 M8 + 33.0
MXEG12-240 12 245Ah 209Ah 523 239 215 220 M8
MXEG12-300 12 305Ah 268Ah 520 268 215 220 M8