Maxon Xtreme Dual Purpose Marine Carbon AGM Battery NS70M AGM

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Maxon Xtreme Marine Carbon AGM Dual-Purpose Battery
Maxon’s newly designed Marine Carbon AGM series batteries are an ultra-high performance battery that provides superior integrity and reliability.
The fully sealed Marine range is specially designed for the marine dual-purpose application when excellent deep cycling is required, along with exceptional starting capabilities.
The superior built design uses the heavy-duty EV plates with a full grid alloy carbon paste formula, advanced AGM separators and high temperature curing technology.
The high-quality vibration resistant EV plates make them an excellent deep cycle dual-purpose battery that can handle exceptionally high draw, ideal for trolling motors and 4WD applications.



  • High-performance dual purpose battery
  • Suitable for cycling and starting
  • Fully sealed and maintenance-free
  • High Vibration resistant
  • Thick plate using Carbon AGM Technology
  • Safety Valve installation for explosion-proof
  • 24-month private warranty, backed by local Australian business


  • Maine deep cycling
  • Marine Starting
  • Trolling motors
  • 4WD Dual Purpose
  • Under bonnet applications (Most Vehicles)
  • Solar
  • Camping and caravan


  • Brand: Maxon Batteries
  • Series: Marine Xtreme
  • Model: NS70M AGM
  • Type: Carbon AGM
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 80Ah
  • CCA: 610
  • Weight: 25.0 Kg
  • Dimensions: 260L x 168W x 211H
Model Voltage C20 CCA Dimensions Terminal Type Weight Kg
Length (mm) Width (mm) Case Height (mm) Terminal Height (mm)
NS70M AGM 12 82Ah 610 260 168 211 216 M6 + 25.0
N70ZZM AGM 12 99Ah 700 307 176 211 216 M8 + 30.5
86M AGM 12 130Ah 900 331 176 215 220 M8 + 33.0


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