Maxon Gel Deep Cycle MXFT12-120

Maxon Gel Deep Cycle MXFT12-120


The Maxon MXG range of Hybrid Gel Deep Cycle batteries are a competitively priced battery that doesn’t compromise quality. Using Japanese Technology they have an extremely high cycle rate (1200 Cycles @50% DOD) compared to standard AGM & Gel batteries and are well known for their reliability.

The MXG12 series batteries are a rechargeable 12V Hybrid Gel deep cycle battery. They are highly suitable for all deep cycling applications such as Solar, Camping, Caravan, and Marine because of their high cycling ability and fast recharging capability. They are also used in a range of standby and industrial equipment applications.



Product ID: MXFT12-120
Brand: Maxon Batteries
Series: Deep Cycle
Type: Gel


Normal Overall Dimensions (mm)
Length: 394
Width: 110
Total Height: 286

Technical Specifications

Volts: 12
AH: 120
Warranty: 36 Months Replacement
(Conditions apply)