Mobility Scooters Batteries

Best batteries for mobility scooters

When you rely on a mobility scooter to get around, the last thing you want to fail is your battery. Getting stranded on the way to the local café, or while shopping at the grocery store, can be painful and annoying.

Avoiding failure means choosing a high quality, reliable and long lasting battery, and storing and charging your battery properly in between use.

Maxon Batteries offer a very reliable range of batteries that are ideal for mobility scooters, and use patented “Hybrid Gradual Gel technology”to provide a battery that works harder and faster for longer.

The Maxon Batteries range comes in Standard, Endurance and AGM. However, you will only find batteries for mobility scooters under the “Endurance” range, because mobility scooters require the best.

How to recharge your mobility scooter battery

Maxon Batteries are fully rechargeable and offer reliable power over long periods of time.

There are two ways to recharge a mobility scooter battery:

  • Solar kit
  • Plugging it into a 240V mains charger

Keep in mind that Maxon Batteries have a typical lifespan of 3-5 years, depending on how you look after it. You should not let your battery run too low, and you should always recharge it after use, rather than leaving it flat.

We offer a selection of solar kits, which can be easily plugged into the charge controller of the battery and placed in the sun to charge. The benefit of solar is that you don’t have to pay for power from the house, and the solar regulator will prevent overcharging.

Otherwise, you can plug a 240V charger into your battery, and recharge it via a power outlet in your home or garage.

Choosing the right Maxon Battery for your mobility scooter

If you head to our home page, you’ll find a quick guide for choosing the right Maxon Battery for your mobility scooter.

Here are 4 quick steps to make it easy:

  1. Consult with your mobility scooter manual. You may be restricted to a certain size/volt battery.
  2. Find the Maxon Batteries chart with the heading: Maxon Deep Cycle Batteries – Endurance.
  3. Look for batteries with 3 ticks in the “Mobility” column. You’ll notice that all of our mobility batteries are suitable for solar recharging. You can find solar kits here.
  4. Choose how much power you need. Ah stands for ampere hour, and basically explains how much power you’ll get from the battery. The standard rating works against 20 hours. So for example:100 Ah battery: Draw from it for 20 hours and you will get a total of 100 amp hours (or 5 amps per hour).The more power you plan to draw from the battery (i.e.: how far you travel with the mobility scooter before changing it), the higher the Ah battery you will need.

If you have questions, please give us a call on (07) 3194 8805. We love to help our customers choose the perfect Maxon Battery to suit their needs!

And when you’re ready to buy, simply head to Buy Maxon Batteries.