Deep Cycle Battery Guide

A quick guide to deep cycle batteries

If you know you need a deep cycle battery, but aren’t really sure what they are, this short guide will give you a clear explanation without drawing you down into the overly technical side of battery manufacturing.

What is a deep cycle battery?

Deep cycle batteries are rechargeable batteries. They may look the same as your car battery, however they are designed to be deeply discharged (i.e.: to 50%) rather than offering a short, high current burst to crank the engine.

There are two main types of deep cycle battery: flooded and valve-regulated lead acid. Flooded batteries perform well (if you purchase a quality one), however they must sit upright, require maintenance by adding distilled water, and need ventilation because they omit a gas when charged, so are unsuitable for placement inside a caravan, 4WD, etc.

Valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries were invented to eliminate the need for maintenance, and to allow the battery to be placed in any position. VRLA batteries are fitted with a pressure vent, which allows for the safe venting of gas so they can be used inside or outside.

AGM or Gel deep cycle batteries?

There are two main ways to make a VRLA battery: Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Gel. AGM batteries are generally less expensive than Gel batteries and resist shock and vibration well. However they often do not perform as well as Gel batteries for certain uses.

Gel batteries can be more expensive, with some high performance gel able to operate within higher temperature ranges. They usually deliver high performance for regular deep discharge and lower power applications.

At Maxon Batteries, we offer a revolutionary hybrid version that combines the best of AGM and Gel to provide a high performance, long lasting, reliable, shock resistant battery. In short, Maxon Batteries offer all the benefits of AGM and Gel, but without the disadvantages of either.

What are the benefits of a Gel hybriddeep cycle battery?

  • Excellent energy storage capacity
  • High performance cycling at low discharge levels
  • Fully sealed for safe operation in any position
  • Strong ABS case
  • Valve-regulated pressure relief
  • Improved high temperature resistance
  • Ideal for our harsh Australian climate
  • Low self discharge rate
  • Resistant to heavy vibrations

Who needs a deep cycle battery?

Deep cycle batteries are a great source of renewable energy, particularly when they are used in conjunction with a solar charging kit.

If you need power, yet you are not tapped into the power grid (I.e.: receiving an electricity bill for the power you’re using) then you need a deep cycle battery.

Deep cycle batteries are perfect for:

  • Camping and caravanning
  • 4WDing
  • Off grid living
  • Holiday houses
  • Mobility scooters
  • Golf carts
  • Kids ride on cars
  • Forklifts
  • Boats
  • Sheds
  • Standby power for Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

Where can you buy deep cycle batteries?

Flooded and VRLA deep cycle batteries are widely available for purchase in many hardware stores and online.

If you decide ona Gel hybrid deep cycle battery, Maxon Batteries are the perfect choice.

Our batteries are very competitively priced and reliable. They also come with up to 3 years’ warranty (depending on their use, though we often find they last longer than 5 years if taken care of properly). To learn more about Maxon Batteries, see Why Maxon.

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